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Specialized Training in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods


Private Sessions

Clients experience one-on-one training with a certified teacher in the method. We work with people of all movement backgrounds, health goals, and fitness levels. Private sessions are a great way to learn the basics of the work or to hone details with a personalized approach.

Semi-Private Sessions

Led by a certified teacher, two clients train on the Gyrotonic equipment. This communal option supports bonding through shared experiences, while still receiving individualized guidance. Grab your co-worker, cast member, teammate, parent, or partner and schedule a session together!


Group Classes

We offer small group classes in both the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Methods.

Our  group classes include:

Gyrotonic Small Group Classes

Thursday's 9:00-10:00am

Friday's 4:00-5:15pm


Gyrokinesis Group Classes 

Wednesday’s 9:00-10:15 am

*Have a request for a class? Let us know!

Teacher Training Courses

We host seasoned Master Trainers for courses and workshops. 


We also offer the Gyrotonic Pre-Training Course annually. This is the first course towards becoming a Certified Gyrotonic teacher. It is a 6-day intensive course taught by Kate Jordan Augusto.

Upcoming Courses:


Gyrotonic Pre-Training Course

Fall 2024 (*contact for dates)

with Kate Jordan Augusto


Virtual Sessions

YES! We offer Virtual Private and Semi-Private sessions. This is a great way to hone the principles of the work, in a personalized way, from wherever you may be located. 

Pre-Professional Dancers Program

We created personalized programs for each student; targeting areas needed for technical and artistic growth; such as turn-out, placement, extension and more. Students learn the fundamentals of the Gyrotonic Method. They learn what their unique body needs to be at their best when dancing. 


We work with director(s) from each dance school to weave Gyrotonic sessions into the students dance training and performing season. We know what it takes to become a professional dancer and love to help each student towards their dream!


We also offer intensives and master classes upon request. 


Professional Dancers Program

Whether you are a professional dancer starting your first season, a senior company member keeping injuries at bay, or a dance teacher, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!


We wish for Missoula Dancers to feel cared for at Gyrotonic Missoula. We help you prepare for rehearsals, performances, the guest choreographer coming, or simply to stay in shape during the off season. 


Teachers, you are our hope, as you patiently, consistently train our upcoming artists. And we KNOW you want to feel good in your body when you teach. We do our best to accommodate your teaching schedules, warming you up before class or helping you heal on your day of rest.


Keep in touch about our weekly professional dancer group class, as well as private and semi-private options. 

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